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A Little About Us

The Timberline Cowboys came together by chance about two years ago. Both J. Michael Mullins and Geary Parsons have, in one way or another, been in the music industry for the majority of their lives. After singing together at the Durango’s Cowboy Church for a year, they decided to play and sing as a duo at the 2021 Durango Cowboy Poetry Gathering. They were an immediate hit and discovered they had an unmistakable chemistry, and an innate ability to connect with audiences. Most of what they do is original music, dealing with the ranching and farming life prevalent in and around where they reside in the Four Corners area. Through lyrical ballads and up-tempo comedy songs, they give the audience a first-hand look at what life is like for the still proud, but dwindling numbers of cowboys and cowgirls in the great Southwest. While in high demand in and around Durango, their music has been featured on numerous streaming and radio shows in the United States, Canada, Germany, France and England. Their debut
album, Breathless, is comprised of eleven original songs, inspired by the unique characters and beautiful landscapes near their homes. They were chosen to perform at the Bar D Chuckwagon chapel all summer long this past year, as well as headlining numerous benefits and fundraisers, culminating 2022 with a
showcase appearance at the International Western Music Association’s annual convention.
According to Anne Schrier, museum director for the Pine River Valley Historical Society, “The Timberline Cowboys are our go-to musical act for any and all of our fundraisers. The music is great , the audience has a wonderful time, and maybe even learns something in the process.” Lindy Simmons, President Emeritus of the Durango Cowboy Poetry Gathering, says, ”The Timberline Cowboys are a real treat. Their music is a lively mix of western songs, most written by J. Michael Mullins, and the guitar renderings of
Geary Parsons. They blend cowboy lore, humor and romance in their wide repertoire.”

A Little More About Geary Parsons

Geary Parsons hails from Canton, Ohio, but his life journey took him across various states before settling in Durango, Colorado. His musical odyssey began at a young age when he traded a pocket watch for his first guitar amidst the mountains of western North Carolina at the tender age of eight. There, he honed his skills in Bluegrass and Country & Western music, laying the foundation for his future musical endeavors.

During his teenage years in North Carolina, Geary found himself immersed in horse shows, showcasing his talent in barrel racing and pole bending, earning accolades along the way. Upon relocating to Ohio, he ventured into the local music scene, performing with several bands before embarking on his military service with the US Army, stationed ultimately at Fort Carson, Colorado.

Post-military life led Geary to Mack, Colorado, where he traded his rifle for a lasso, working on ranches and tending to cattle. His passion for music remained steadfast, leading him on a tour across the USA and Canada with various bands from 1976 to 1980. It was during his time in Fruita, Colorado, that he met his wife, Jan, and they later settled in Durango after brief stints elsewhere.

Geary's career path took a turn towards law enforcement, serving in various capacities with agencies like the Durango Police Department, Pagosa Springs PD, and eventually the Archuleta County Sheriff's Office. After a persuasive recommendation, he returned to Durango to continue his law enforcement career, eventually retiring after 37 years of dedicated service.

Despite his commitment to public safety, Geary's love for music never waned. He's a versatile musician, proficient in guitar, bass guitar, and mandolin, even imparting his knowledge through teaching lessons at Band Wagon Music in Durango during the 90s. Alongside his musical endeavors, he's an integral part of the Timberline Cowboys, captivating audiences with their western tunes.

Geary's involvement in the cultural fabric of Durango extends beyond music; he's been an active participant in the Durango Cowboy Poetry Gathering since its inception, even serving on its board of directors. Though his equestrian pursuits have taken a back seat since parting with his horses, Geary's enduring passion for riding and music continues to shape his life in the scenic landscapes of the Four Corners region.

A Little More About J. Michael Mullins

J. Michael Mullins has been singing since he could talk, and taught himself to play the guitar when he was eight. He was playing in restaurants and clubs at a very young age, while he was winning awards and musical acclaim in high school. He was awarded a music scholarship to college, where he was an opera major. Often
times he would attend a three-hour opera rehearsal, and then head out to a local establishment to play country music or rock and roll until two in the morning. When he settled down and married the love of his life, Kaye, he joined the Army, continuing a long family tradition of serving our country. His son is currently serving, and will retire from the U.S. Army soon. After serving 12 years, Mike went back to college, attended graduate school, and eventually became an English professor in the University of Texas system. During their Texas years, Mike and Kaye would vacation two or three times a year near Durango, where Mike would play solo concerts at Vallecito Lake, a popular tourist destination. Twenty three years later, they retired and moved to Colorado permanently. During his time teaching literature and creative writing, Mike occasionally taught poetry. This helped to hone his technical skills as a songwriter. The wonderful characters, beautiful scenery, and comfortable pace of rural Colorado living has provided all of the inspiration he needs to produce song after song about the
glorious Southwest, its people, and their ranching and farming way of life. As a result teaming up with Geary Parsons as the Timberline Cowboys just two years ago, Mike has discovered an avenue to deliver his songs to a national and international audience. Their debut album “Breathless” was released in the summer of 2022, and their next album should be out by spring 2023. When discussing his music, Mike likes to quote one of the early musical influences in his
life, John Denver, from a song called “This Old Guitar.” It says, “This old guitar gave me my life, my living, and all the things you know I love to do, to serenade the stars that shine from a sunny mountainside, and most of all to sing my songs for you, I love to sing my songs for you…” And so he does.

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